12+ Social Media Tools Your Accounting Practice Can Benefit from

So, you have your social media profiles, you even create your content – kudos to you, friend, you’re officially running a marketing campaign for your business. But how confident are you in managing the everyday tasks of scheduling content for publishing, then analyzing engagement, and reporting?

Everyone needs help from time to time, especially when it comes to social media tools for accountants. And why should you waste precious time on activities that can easily be done automatically? You wouldn’t read a print map on the road when you have your GPS, would you?

There are plenty of social media tools for accountants out there that can help manage your accounts, but we’ve made a list of the best 14 out there – with reviews and everything.

Let’s dive in.

Best social media tools for accountants

1. Hubspot Marketing Plan

Everyone’s favorite all-in-one inbound marketing software for capturing leads and transforming them into customers. These guys have excellent packages for every type of business from a one-person company to a big enterprise.

Their offers:

Starter package – starts at $45 a month with 1000 marketing contacts included.

Professional package – starts at $800 a month with 2000 marketing contacts included.

Enterprise package – starts at $3,200 a month with 10,000 marketing contacts included.

The sweet point?

·   One platform for different social networks

·   Amazing analytics

·   Integration with other marketing tools (social media with email, SEO, CRM)

·   It offers a couple of free tools you can always use regardless of your plan

2. Hootsuite

Another great tool to monitor your social media and interactions with your target audience. With over 200,000 paid accounts, Hootsuite allows you to build your brand while you manage organic and paid content at the same time.

Cheaper than Hubspot, their packages include:

Professional – $19/month,1 user, 10 social accounts. The free 30-day trial is included.

Team – $99/month, 3 users, 20 social accounts. The free 30-day trial is included.

Enterprise – Custom solutions, 5+ users, 35+ social accounts.

The sweet point?

·       Monitors multiple accounts and keywords

·       Bulk-schedules posts for social media

·       Personalized customer service

3. Buffer

Perfect for small to medium businesses, especially because it offers a free plan for individuals. This feature, together with its probably unbeatable scheduling capacity, makes Buffer known even among those who are not so hot on social management.

The packages:

Free – up to three channels, includes basic publishing tools and landing page builder for individuals who are just starting with social media

Essentials – $5/month per social channel, publishing, analytics, and engagement tools. Free 14-day trial.

Team – $10/month per social channel, essential plan plus extra collaboration and reporting features. Free 14-day trial.

The sweet point?

·   Quick and easy scheduling

·   RSS feeds

·   Video and GIF uploader

4. SEMrush

The other all-in-one marketing kit, SEMrush is considered by many as the leading platform for online visibility. Its features include SEO, PPC, e-commerce functions, and even PR campaigns.

Their rates:

Pro plan – $119.95/month, 5 projects, and 500 keywords to track, for new marketers and small teams. Free trial.

Guru plan – $229.95/month, 15 projects, and 1500 keywords to track, for growing agencies and marketing consultants. Free trial.

Business plan – $449.95/month, 40 projects, and 5000 keywords to track, for large agencies and enterprises. Subscription option.

The sweet point?

·       Increased reach

·       Multiple options for scheduling

·       Monitors competitors

5. Sprout Social

This one is in the same category as Hootsuite, i.e. it combines several tools for social media into one platform. What makes Sprout Social stand out, though, is that it provides CRM (customer relationship management).

The packages they offer (with a free 30-day trial):

Standard – $89/month per user, 5 social profiles, essential tools.

Professional – $149/month per user, 10 social profiles, social business power tools.

Advanced – $249/month per user, 10 social profiles, social business advanced tools.

The sweet point?

·       Complete solution for social media management

·       Customer-oriented

·       Amazing reports

6. Zoho Social

Hosted not only in the US, but also in Europe, Australia, India, and China, Zoho Social is a favorite among growing businesses. It’s monitoring capabilities are the best in the industry as they track relevant conversations and offer unique reports.

The plans (with a free 15-day trial):

Standard – €10 ($11.49)/month, 7 channels, 1 team member.

Professional – €30 ($34.48)/month, 7 channels, 1 team member, the whole standard package plus additional features.

Premium – €40 ($45.98)/month, 8 channels, 3 team members, everything from the professional package plus additional features.

The sweet point?

·       SmartQ prediction engine (chooses the best time for posting)

·       Brand inbox (views all messages and filters them by networks)

·       Chrome and Firefox extensions

7. Agorapulse

Not just another social media management platform. Agorapulse stands out with unique features like Facebook contest apps and even competitor analysis. 

What users love most about this social media tool is the friendly support in no time, the shared external calendars, and the free tools it offers for social media managers.

The packages (with free 30-day trial):

Free – for individuals at the beginning of their journey, 1 user, 3 social profiles.

Pro – $79/month for small teams, 2 users, 10 social profiles.

Premium – $159/month for agencies and growing teams, 4 users, 20 social profiles.

Custom – depending on your needs, ultimately social media control, and flexibility.

The sweet point?

·       Discovers brand influencers

·       Calendar function

·       Manages all Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter activities

8. Facebook Pages Manager

Simple – a tool that admins use to check the Page activity and respond to their audience. Or in other words, a cool way for marketers to find their target clients.

Although technically, there’s not much of a difference in using the Pages Manager and your personal profile, there are some bonus features like traffic insights, views, clicks, and even legal notices.

The sweet point?

·       Absolutely free

·   Familiar means of operation

·       Detailed page insights

9. Social Bee

The guys claim that they will get you more leads with less effort. Like the other social media tools mentioned here, Social Bee also organizes content for several channels from one place.

Their offer (with a free 14-day trial):

Bootstrap – $19/month for coaches, authors, and solopreneurs, 1 user, 5 social profiles.

Accelerate – $39/month for startups and small businesses, 1 user, 10 social profiles.

Pro – $79/month for freelancers and agencies, 3 users, 25 social profiles.

The sweet point?

·       Recycles evergreen content and transforms it with post variations

·       Easy scheduling process

10. Later

Or Instagram’s sweetheart. Now you’re probably thinking: Why is this a part of the social media tools for accountants, right? Well, you’d be surprised what Instagram can do for your business, especially if you gang it up with the other social media you use for your marketing.

Every reader needs a break from text, text, and then some more text. So, using some visuals to carry out your message to your prospects increases your chances of converting those prospects to clients.

The offers (with a free 14-day trial):

Free – for beginning individuals, 1 user, 10 posts per social profile.

Starter – $15/month for small businesses looking to increase engagement, 1 user, 60 posts per profile.

Growth – $25/month for growing teams looking to drive traffic and sales, 3 users, 150 posts per profile.

Advanced – $40/month for large teams and agencies who manage multiple brands, 6 users, unlimited posts.

Custom – you dictate the preferences.

The sweet point?

·   Free link tool for Instagram

·   Visual content calendar


Think campaigns and marketing assets all in one platform. Monday is famous for its great structure which includes templates and calendars for tracking schedules and content. You can even structure your HR procedures and onboarding.

Plans they offer (with free 14-day trial):

Individual – free for individuals who want to keep track of their work.

Basic – $24/month for managing the team’s work in one place.

Standard – $30/month for collaboration and optimization of team processes.

Pro – $48/month for complex team workflows.

Enterprise – customized, for organizations that want enterprise-grade features

The sweet point?

·       Synchronized to-do list

·       Client collaboration

·       Very well-organized templates

12. MeetEdgar

Perfect for automating every social media activity that doesn’t need direct intervention – the idea is to manage social media with more consistency and in less time. Because it’s an automation tool, it shares scheduled content even without you.

The offer (with a 7-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee):

Edgar Lite – $19/month for beginners and side hustlers, 3 social accounts, 10 weekly automation.

Edgar – $49/month for small businesses and entrepreneurs, 25 social accounts, 1,000 weekly automation.

The sweet point?

·       Unlimited content library

·   Auto-expiring content

·       Category scheduling

13. Sendible

Specifically designed for managing multiple clients, Sendible is mostly praised for its creative approach to social media management. It even allows you to customize the dashboard to attract new clients.

Their plans (with a free 14-day trial) :

Creator – $29/month for beginners, 1 user, 6 social profiles.

Traction – $89/month for small agencies and brands, 4 users, 24 social profiles.

Scale – $199/month for growing agencies, 7 users, 49 social profiles.

Expansion – $399/month for large teams and agencies, 15 users, 105 social profiles.

The sweet point?

·   Lead generation

·   Customizable dashboard

·   Great integrations (Canva, YouTube search, royalty-free images)

14. Postoplan

A great tool if you’re looking for integrations like Google My Business, WhatsApp, or Slack. Its key features are automatic scheduling, analytics, and even graphics editor. And like the other social media tools, this one also manages all your accounts through one platform.

The plans (with a free 7-day trial):

Start – 1 user, unlimited posts, $1.9-$16.9 (depending on the time period).

Pro – Unlimited users and posts, $19-$179 (depending on the time period).

Agency – everything unlimited $399-$3999 (depending on the time period).

The sweet point?

·   More networks

·   Unlimited accounts

·   Built-in photo editors

A few parting words

Whichever of the tools you choose, make sure it has all the necessary elements for your specific business. Or just hit us up and let us do the sweating for you.

We promise to use the best social media tools for accountants and customize them for your specific needs.

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